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From 75€/day


Take on board of Oxygène Bleu sailing ship for one day, a few days or few weeks of cruising.

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Archipelago of Bijagos
Bijagos: Ponta do Caio

Casamance river
Casamance: Nioumoune

Cape Verde islands
Cap Vert: Sao Antao

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If you like great spaces, to discover new landscapes, to approach new shores, the practice of the sailing, the heats nights of navigation to the moonlight, the bathes, beautiful fishings and the baths of suns and if you like the idea to share these moments of intense life. Then, you are made for cruising.

Join us to take board time the one day time or a crossing. You will taste with the pleasure of cruising with skipper in the comfort of a sailing ship of 16 meters. We will make you privileged hosts on board Oxygène Bleu where comfort and user-friendliness are with go. You will share with us the pleasures of the voyage and the happiness of the life on sea and discovered fabulous sites on all oceans of the world.

 General conditions of cruising

The price of cruising depends on its duration and the selected service. The duration of cruising, on a few hours to several weeks, depends on the selected and of course program of the distances to traverse and the conditions of wind met. We propose 2 formulas:

ü one «Except meal» of type housing with skipper,

üand one «Complete Pension» of type charter all inclusive.

These cruisings are intended as well to the beginners as with the experienced navigators and are made with a minimum of personal implication to carry out the manoeuvres or to take part in the life on board. The routes are likely adaptations for technical or weather reasons or to satisfy the wishes of the participants. In more of the crew, the maximum number people embarked is 7 in long-term cruise and 12 in coastal cruising at the day.

For all more precise information not do not hesitate to contact us .


Our prices are given by anybody for a base of 2 people.

Our prices include

ü The hiring of Oxygène Bleu and services of the skipper.

ü Bed and food (except formulates Except Meal )

ü The insurance civil liability of the boat.

ü Operating expenses of the boat.

Our prices do not include

o Air transports or different until with the wearing of loading.

o Visas taxes

o Excursions with ground or possible hiring of vehicle &

o The insurances cancellation, multirisk voyages, looses of luggage etc...


Price by person (mini 2)

½ Day

9hto12h or 14hto18h


9h to 18h


D1-9h to D2-18h


D1-9h to D7-18h

Complete Pension


110 €

165 €

715 €

Except meal

45 €

75 €

115 €

490 €

*Preferential rates and special reductions authorized to the faithful friends, customers and anticipated reservations.

**Additional days: 75€ except meal, 110€ in complete pension


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